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Oleanna Potter

I want to thank all of those who have written your fan letters and supported me! You are all so dear to my heart!

Here you will learn a little bit about me and my life. I will share with you some of my personal feelings, desires, loves and even some of the hard times. Although I work as a professional glamour model, I have to admit that this role did not come to me easily. Before I came to Canada, I never dreamed that my life would take the path that it did. To be honest, I am still that shy little mousey girl from Ukraine inside. Glamour photography is about illusion, about creating a mystery and about dreams. As the clients from our photography studio have learned, everyone has glamour inside them if they only have the courage to let their inner beauty shine.

But this site isn't about that. I wanted to share with you some of the deeper aspects of my life so that you can understand me better. Browsing through the "About Me" section will reveal some information that you may find surprising and that reveals some of my passions, thoughts and dreams.

I hope your stay here is pleasant and that you come back often!
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This site is dedicated to my mother, Maya who is loving, caring, strong, powerful and the most wonderful woman in my life. My husband, Frederick, for being who he is and who has opened the door of my cage and showed me how to be a butterfly. My loving sister Natasha and my papa Tolya, who gave me so much love and care and who both taught me important lessons about life. I will always miss them so much! To my niece, Lena who helped us so much during the times we needed translation and better communication when I met my husband, Frederick. To my nephews Sam and Tim who I love very much and who have given me their love and so much of their time. For my sister, Luda, who pushed me so hard to meet Frederick, and for which I will always be grateful. For Laura, who is now regretfully passed, who was responsible for my meeting my husband and pushing him to meet me. And for Frederick's family, especially his mother Margaret, now also passed, who also supported me since the time I arrived in Canada and since then. And, of course, to Frederick for creating this wonderful web site through his company Digital Design.